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Why It’s Wise for Trump’s EPA to Repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan

It doesn't say a lot for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) that 27 states filed…

  • Poli

Abandoning Coal Would Mean Big Strain for U.S. Power Grid

There's plenty of talk these days among energy advocates and environmentalists about the need for…

  • Poli

Increased U.S. Reliance on Natural Gas Poses Grave Security Risk

Energy enthusiasts have been rallying around natural gas in recent years as a replacement for…

  • Poli

Trump Energy Policy May Finally End the Rule of OPEC

In November 2014 I wrote about the attack OPEC started on the American oil industry.…

  • Poli

Trump Revives ‘Morning Joe’ Spat for Third Day in a Row

President Donald Trump renewed his spat with the "Morning Joe" co-hosts and threw other insults…

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