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Rising Scourge of Drug Epidemic Can’t Be Stopped Through Incarceration Alone

The only substantial policy area where I part company with the Trump administration is in…

  • Health

Opioid Overdosing: ‘The Only Disease Created by Doctors’

A longtime professor at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Dentistry is changing the way students…

  • Health

To Address the Opioid Crisis, New and Innovative Proposals

Ohio Gov. John Kasich's call for scientific breakthroughs to fight the opioid epidemic has organizations…

  • Health

Fresh Hope for Struggling Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Believe it or not, until 1993 there was no treatment available for multiple sclerosis (MS),…

  • Health

Why This Sheriff Says ‘No’ to Narcan

An Ohio sheriff is taking a stand in the war on heroin addiction that he…

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