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Senate Democrats Try to Play ‘Gotcha’ with Sessions on Kislyak Meeting

Russia-obsessed Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee seem unable to move past the 2016 election.…

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Democrats Keep Up Politicization Push on Vegas

Congressional Democrats continued to politicize the Las Vegas shooting and use the tragedy to grandstand…

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Ad Exposes Democrats’ ‘Catholic Judges Need-Not-Apply’ Attitude

A conservative activist group on Friday launched a six-figure ad campaign highlighting a religious litmus…

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Trump Nominee: I Won’t Be ‘Pulling Punches as FBI Director’

Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump's nominee to serve as FBI director, rejected several┬ácontroversial practices of…

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Comey Blowback: Senate Launches Probe into Loretta Lynch ‘Matter’

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday it had opened a probe into former Attorney General…

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