War Hawks Want More: Claim Trump Budget 'Dead on Arrival'

President floats 3 percent defense-spending boost, McCain claims 'totally inadequate'

Jim Stinson

GOP Lawmakers Want Crackdown on Temporary Visa Abuse

New bill clamps down on special residency program for migrants from crisis zones

Brendan Kirby

Expert: CBO Still Ascribes 'Magical Powers' to Obamacare Mandate

Bill supporters, GOP lawmakers rip claim AHCA would leave 23 million fewer insured

Brendan Kirby

CNN Pushes New Kisylak Hysteria in Sessions Smear Job

Pundit bizarrely questions why a senator from Alabama would meet a Russian ambassador

Brendan Kirby


'Morning Joe' Hosts Question, Slime Trump's Patriotism

Scarborough says 'perfectly obvious' the president 'cares only about himself'

Kathryn Blackhurst

Poll: 68 Percent of Democrats Catch Impeachment Fever

Survey shows media hysteria fueling demand for Trump removal with opposition party

Brendan Kirby