Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Threatens to Sink Democrats in 2018, 2020

Majority of Americans do not want to be stuck with a Bernie-syle single, government-run health care system

Margaret Menge

The Long-Running Sham of The Washington Post's 'Right Turn'

Liberal news outlet shows little discretion in employing leftists to write supposedly conservative column

Jim Stinson

Hearing Exposes Government Agencies' Waste-Spending Bonanza

Experts testify about end-of-fiscal-year cash splurges to avoid finishing with unspent funds

Brendan Kirby

John McCain Just Stopped Repeal of Obamacare — Again

Announcement that he will vote against his good friend’s bill all but kills efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act

Brendan Kirby


Trump and Alabama Loyalists Stack Up on Opposite Sides of Senate Race

Conservatives backing GOP primary challenger still very much behind the president

Brendan Kirby

Conservative Experts Warn: Graham Bill Could Expand Government-Run Health Care

Heritage Foundation concludes up to half of individuals on private insurance market could be moved to public plans

Brendan Kirby