Trump's Inaugural Address Should Be Humble, Realistic

President-elect can draw inspiration from Jefferson's humility, Reagan's candor

Robert G. Kaufman

Trump Nominees Gathering Bipartisan Support

Despite some bluster, many Cabinet appointees are garnering Democratic support

Jim Stinson

Brennan Backlash: Trump Likely To Depoliticize CIA

Former CIA chief says top-level intelligence officials were eager to work for Hillary

Jim Stinson

CNN Analyst Wants White House Press Club to Stay Exclusive

Stelter bemoans loss of 'access' for 'objective journalists' like those at CNN

Brendan Kirby


Poverty-Racked Selma 'Still a City of Slaves'

Town famous for civil rights march has been 'left behind' by decades of failed liberal policies

Kathryn Blackhurst

Liberal Activists Caught Plotting Inauguration Ball Acid Attack

Far-left activists planned potentially criminal attack on 'Deploraball'

Edmund Kozak