Chick-fil-A VP: The Advice I Give My Children

These 15 steps to building an honest and successful business — 'opportunities, not obstacles'

Dee Ann Turner

Huffington Post Uses Ethnic Slur to Mock Bannon Ouster

Left-wing outlet slammed with outrage after posting, then deleting, bizarre offensive headline

Jim Stinson

Here's What No One Tells You About Cosmetic Surgery

Both for medical reasons and vanity, more Americans are undergoing 'fat injections,' other procedures — and there are risks

Manny Alvarez, MD

What Does Tillerson's 'Rooney Rule' Mean for the State Department?

Modeled on NFL program, secretary of state to require minorities to be considered for all ambassadorships

Brendan Kirby

It's a Solar Eclipse: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Some schools will remain open for the teaching moment — others are nervous about safety issues

Grace Williams

Charlie Daniels Weighs In on the Taking Down of Confederate Statues

Country singer has a not-so-favorable comparison to recent destructive acts overseas

PopZette Staff

Fitness Company Throws Its Muscle Behind First Responders

Amid new tensions, wants to 'help cops and youth in Atlanta stay in shape' — to foster 'renewed faith in each other'

Stephen Owsinski


Actress Has Surprising Things to Say About Tom Cruise

Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini is opening up about the biggest star of the 'church'

Zachary Leeman

'Morning Joe' Madness: Trump Giving Aid and 'Comfort' to 'Klansmen and Neo-Nazis'

Edmund Kozak
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