Travelers: Do You Have These Six Critical Skills?

'Be ready for anything, no matter how unlikely. Plan ahead. Stay in shape. Be aware of what's going on,' says former soldier

Christopher Castellano

Chick-fil-A Executive: Great Service Starts with Caring

'The secret to providing outstanding hospitality is simply a twist on the Golden Rule ... Focus on what meets the needs of others best'

Dee Ann Turner

The Hope and Joy of Adoption

Through their work with Show Hope, one family is on a mission to care for orphans — by helping them find love, peace, security

Meg Meeker, MD

James Comey Needs to Be Asked These Questions

We deserve to know the truth about the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal and should expect the guilty to be punished

Dan Perkins

The Baby Who Went to 'Pot'

'The kid never really got better. And just one thing led to another — and the kid ended up with his heart stopped,' said one doctor

HealthZette Staff

Sermon Spotlight: What We Never Knew About the Last Judgment

Fr. Mike Schmitz of Minnesota shares a humbling perspective of faith — 'All the good and evil you and I have done will become known'

FaithZette Staff

How Hollywood Secularized Johnny Cash, a Man of Great Faith

Here's the side of the musician you didn’t see in the film 'Walk the Line,' released 12 years ago this weekend

Lee Habeeb


Now Jeffrey Tambor Is Accused of Sexual Harassment

The admittedly 'volatile' actor of 'Transparent' fame is being investigated by Amazon, says his actions may have been 'misinterpreted'

Zachary Leeman

Melanie Morgan: Al Franken Harassed Me for Three Days

Jim Stinson
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