Look at the Horrible Scam Our Military Vets Are Facing

New Jersey authorities uncover education fraud — 'completely unacceptable' for our distinguished veterans

MomZette Staff

Exclusive: Kevin Sorbo on Modern Hollywood and Teaming Up with Sean Hannity

LifeZette talks to 'Hercules' star about his faith-based film — he hopes it speaks to audiences mostly ignored by the industry

Zachary Leeman

Stunning Secrets of a Lasting Marriage

New book demonstrates that the happiest and healthiest couples know a few great things that many others don't

Maureen Mackey

Illegal Immigrant Teen Suing to Get Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Hearing in D.C. courtroom on Friday will determine whether the government must pay for the procedure

Margaret Menge

Hep A Outbreak in San Diego: Death Toll Now 19

This is the largest person-to-person health incident of its kind since the vaccine was introduced back in 1996, say local officials

HealthZette Staff

Colin Kaepernick's Latest Claim Is Downright Delusional

Former quarterback can't get hired by any team — and is trying to blame the president of the United States for these woes

Tom Joyce

These Two Celebrities Got into a Heated Debate About Trump and Russia

Roseanne Barr took to her Twitter account to detail a very telling and dramatic exchange with liberal celeb director Rob Reiner

Zachary Leeman


What So Many of the Faithful Get Wrong About Love

Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, Christian leaders and YouTube vloggers, share passionate thoughts about 'losing' the competition in marriage

FaithZette Staff

Five Takeaways from CNN's Bernie Sanders-Ted Cruz Debate

Brendan Kirby
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