ISIS Thug Takes Vicious Aim at Royalty

'Why don't you come here and fight us if you're man enough,' a jihadi fighter reportedly said to Prince Harry

Elisa Cipollone

Check Out the New Projects This Veterans Group Has Approved

Got Your 6 fights for the facts in Hollywood — and the organization is now recommending these upcoming films and shows

Zachary Leeman

What Will Happen to Patients in Puerto Rico?

After Maria, with no electricity on the island and the chance power will not be restored soon, the at-risk need great care

Manny Alvarez, MD

Former Seahawk: 'Anthem and the Flag Represent 300 Million People,' Not One Person

Ex-player, U.S. army veteran misses power of sports to unite fans, athletes 'regardless of politics, color, sexual orientation'

Kathryn Blackhurst

When a Drunk Driver Killed Their Girls, This Couple Did the Remarkable

Heartbreaking journey for Lynn and Dan Wagner, parents of beloved daughters — who embody this stunning quality

Jeremiah J. Johnston

George Clooney's Stinging Words for Hillary Clinton

Major donor to her efforts last year admits the presidential candidate's campaign was 'frustrating' and never cohered

PopZette Staff

Megyn Kelly's New Morning Show Is 'Far from Successful'

After a ratings disaster over the summer, NBC has moved its investment to the start of the day — hoping for a win

Zachary Leeman


20 Huge Retailers That Are Closing in 2017

Toys 'R' Us isn't the first chain to have filed for bankruptcy this year — and it may not be the last

PopZette Staff

LePage: Susan Collins 'Should Start Paying Attention' to Mainers

Kathryn Blackhurst
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