After a Maryland school system employee commented on a student’s incorrect spelling in a tweet — she was fired, WUSA9 News and other sources reported. Katie Nash told The Frederick News-Post she was fired from her $44,000-a-year job. Nash, 33, ran the school district’s Twitter account. A student tweeted to the account on Jan. 5, […]


Just minutes after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers Sunday night, the Super Bowl ticket resale market dropped, ESPN reported. Before Sunday’s playoff game, the cheapest ticket to Super Bowl LI on StubHub was $4,195. Shortly after the Packers won 34-31 on a field goal, the get-in price was down 20 percent […]


A suspect on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list was captured after nearly six months on the run, sources are reporting. Terry A.D. Strickland is charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide in a shoot-out on July 17. Strickland was arrested Sunday without incident during a traffic stop in El Paso, Texas, CNN […]


America Needs Real Men Again

Our culture has emasculated males — it's time dads raised strong, responsible boys once more

John Cylc

Brennan Backlash: Trump Likely To Depoliticize CIA

Former CIA chief says top-level intelligence officials were eager to work for Hillary

Jim Stinson

Weed Wacko Willie Nelson

Singer is putting a Trump diss track on his next album

Zachary Leeman

'Exorcist' Author Explored Evil to Inspire Faith

Remembering William Peter Blatty, gone at 89 — and the spiritual focus of his seminal work

Katie Nations

St. Anthony the Great: What the Founder of Monasticism Can Teach Us

On this great saint's feast day, a look at his profound legacy

Elizabeth M. Economou


I'll Feed Your Goldfish! Have a Great Trip!

As the well-heeled plan for exotic vacations, this mom will be right here — doing what needs to be done

Deirdre Reilly

Why Barry Diller Is No Dummy

His comments at Consumer Electronics Show worth noting, even by conservatives

Lawrence Meyers

Trump Will Keep Using His Personal Twitter Account

Zachary Leeman

Tennessee: Food Stamp Crackdown

Tennessee: Food Stamp Crackdown

No Self-Driving in New York

No Self-Driving in New York
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