Here's What Left a Lasting Impression on Trump in Israel

'I've been amazed ... Words fail to capture the experience,' said the president as foreign trip continues

Leah Jessen

Terror Strikes UK: At Least 19 Dead at Ariana Grande Concert

Explosion rocks Manchester Arena, Prime Minister Theresa May calls 'an appalling suicide attack'

Edmund Kozak

Think You Can Stay Married If You Do This All Day?

That device in your hand, so advanced and powerful, needs to be reined in — here's how

Jon Beaty

Respect for Israel and PM Netanyahu: Trump vs. Obama

Body language and rhetoric dramatically changed with new president in the White House

Edmund Kozak

LZ Exclusive: Why the 'Boondock Saints' Stars Left the Franchise

'I feel like a parent who has to explain to his kids why the parents are getting divorced," says actor

Zachary Leeman

Netanyahu: 'For First Time in My Lifetime' Peace, Change Are Possible

Israeli leader lauds Trump for firm stance against Iran, opening doors to Sunni-Jewish cooperation

Edmund Kozak

Celebs Share Reaction to Attack at Ariana Grande Concert

News of Monday night blast in Manchester, England, brings concern, prayers — and outrage

Zachary Leeman


Eastwood on Political Correctness: 'We're Killing Ourselves'

The director, in Cannes to revisit 'Unforgiven,' had this and plenty more on his mind

Zachary Leeman

The Hot Dog Recall That's Scaring Families

Were you getting ready to serve this for Memorial Day Weekend? Think twice about that

HealthZette Staff

Chelsea Clinton Warns of Sexism, Racism, Islamophobia in Trump's America

Kathryn Blackhurst
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