Why This Pregnant Teen Can't Cross the Graduation Stage

Young woman in Maryland is paying the price for breaking the school's rules — 'I asked for forgiveness'

Adelle M. Banks

Apple Cider Vinegar: 10 Amazing Health Benefits

Who knew that adding a little of this here and there could have such enormous payoff?

HealthZette Staff

This Sheriff Had to Remove Bible Decals from His Cop Cars

The sticky situation was caused by — well, the usual suspects

Leah Jessen

Manchester Bomber Hails from Family of Jihadis

Salman Abedi's brothers and father arrested by British, Libyan authorities for terrorist sympathies

Edmund Kozak

LGBT Group Prepares for Its Own 'Sparkly' Pentecost

'It's about diversity in the church, which is beautiful, just as all of us are beautiful in our diversity'

Kimberly Winston

'Daughters Can Tell Right Away When Dads Aren't Listening'

Why would you even take the chance of messing up one of the best relationships in your life?

Meg Meeker, MD

This Vets Group Just Endorsed These Select Films

You'll want to check out the projects given this extraordinary badge of honor

Zachary Leeman


Yes, a Broken Heart Can Hurt You

Bet you never imagined what happens to the human body after this emotional blow

HealthZette Staff

CNN Pushes New Kisylak Hysteria in Sessions Smear Job

Brendan Kirby
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