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The Impact of Intelligence Failures, Domestic And International | The Rob Maness Show EP282

We are hearing a lot about intelligence failures today because of the thinking about why the Hamas terrorists were able to pull off their war crimes on October 7th. It is important we all understand what these are all about because, right or wrong, they have and will continue to have an impact on whether US domestic and international policy is both correct and or effective. Leading examples are the focus of US and allied intelligence resources on areas of the world that can lead us all to take our eye off the ball in other, more important areas, and then there is the use of scarce domestic intelligence resources to focus on Americans like those that protested on January 6th 2021 to the exclusion of the influx of illegal alien groups such as the unusual numbers of Chinese military aged males that have made it through the US Southern border. Citizens of the western democracies are catching on and starting to elect leaders who will address illegal and legal immigration such as Geert Wilder’s recent success in the Netherlands.

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