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America’s Military Is Damaged By A Lack Of Moral Courage | The Rob Maness Show EP 28

With these letters hitting former service members who were kicked out of the military hitting inboxes, they’re sounding off about them and it is not good. The US military is in big trouble because American military leadership has lost all of its moral courage and betrayed its oath to support and defend the US Constitution. While we’re on this path we face big national security challenges and much of them are our own doing. We’re hearing rumors of a long sought after US-lead peacekeeping force in Gaza and the confusion caused by US soldiers holding Communist Chinese Flags welcoming President Xi to San Francisco just to name a few. Trust in our military leadership is at an all-time low, a fact that only surprises those with their political blinders on it seems. Retired US Army veteran San Shoemate, who has made it his business to do investigative journalism and help blow the whistle on military leadership shenanigans joins me today.

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