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Total War Is The Ugliest Thing You’ll Ever Witness | The Rob Maness Show EP 255

Iran, with the help of many such as the Biden Administration, has brought total war to Israel through its proxy forces, first Hamas from the Gaza strip with the horrific attacks murdering and kidnapping of civilians, mostly women, children and elderly, this past Saturday, and now Hezbollah from the North out of Southern Lebanon. The United States is moving a carrier battle group to the Eastern Mediterranean and deploying more combat aircraft to other nations in order to deter any further attacks on Israel and prevent wider spread of the war. I cannot overstate the nature of the war crimes committed on Israelis and citizens from other nations visiting Israel this weekend. The US State Department has publicly stated that at least nine Americans were killed in the attacks and some numbers have been taken hostage and into the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, Hamas’s attempt to use them as human shields will not work because Israel is in now in total war mode fighting for its survival. Watch for leftists all over the world to come to the defense of these Islamic Nazi monsters, as they sprang up demonstrations all around the USA and other western nations the following day chanting things like “From the River to The Sea” which is a rallying cry used by these savages calling for the extermination of the Jewish people and state. It is appalling and stupid to support these animals just as it is to support Hitler’s Nazi’s. You are witnessing war far beyond what you’ve seen before.

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