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Just What Idiot Is Advising The US and NATO on The Ukraine-Russia War? The Rob Maness Show EP 251

So his name is Ben Hodges, retired General, and former US Army Europe Commander and he’s wrong about everything. Today we’ll show you the facts about this charlatan and exactly how he is wrong and actually hurting the US and NATO in the process. The vaunted counter-offensive has failed and we’ll show you the evidence he is. I’ve called for this since before Russia invaded, it is time for a Statesman to rise of the noise of our rogue federal government to bring the war to a rapid end. The USA must end its decades long endless war approach. Our Republic was not designed to be an empire and the majority of the American people do not support leading our foreign policy with military force, in spite of what you just saw Congress do by approving even more funding. We can bring this policy to an end to save Ukrainian and Russian lives plus potentially millions more from the next unnecessary war that we can prevent by changing US policy. We were once an ethical and moral people, but can we be again?

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