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Take Your Government Back By Running For Office | The Rob Maness Show EP249

Are you frustrated because your taxes are high but things like schools are underfunded and the money they do get is used more for indoctrinating your kids in gender ideology, queer theory, sexualization, and leftist ideas than on reading math, and science? Run for office. Are you tired of elected officials saying they will support conservative ideas like low taxes on the campaign trail and doing the opposite once you vote for them? Run for office. Can you see the ludicrous nature of lifetime career politicians who act as though they are English lords and want to change the ability of anyone to die in office at any level? Run for office! Yes, you get it, I said run for office. I’ve done it at the statewide, state representative, and county levels and so should you if you want to change the way things are going in our country. You’ve heard people like me, General Mike Flynn, and Steve Bannon tell you over an over that local action results in national impact and that is because it is true!

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