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What Is Happening In Montana? Americans Are Responding | Truth Thursday | The Rob Maness Show EP 211

Montana has recently become an epicenter of the political warfare that is happening across the United States, whether it be local, state, or at the Federal level. The state legislature appropriately silenced a male lawmaker that says he is a woman, and who led to disruptions in the House when a bill to ban transgender mutilation of children, either chemical or physical, was being debated and passed. But that is only part of Montana’s happenings as we’ve now seen suspicious letters mailed to their lawmakers and others across the nation involved in state legislation protecting minors from trans ideology, seen Chinese spy balloons circling strategic targets, a bridge collapse over the Yellowstone river that derailed a train carrying chemicals, Gun Store raids by the IRS, and a challenge to incumbent Democrat Senator Jon Tester is rising, and that progressive definitely deserves it!
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