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The World Economic Forum Unplugs The Internet And DOJ Obstructs Justice | The Rob Maness Show EP 210

The WEF 2023 meeting was hyper-focused on cyber-attacks. And just like when they predicted and planned for the man-made COVID pandemic that shut down the world, the WEF says the exact thing will happen in 2 years with cyber-attacks impacting the whole world, hospitals, healthcare, jobs, and the world's economy. But, of course, they have a plan to stop it. Does this feel eerily familiar? Have we not seen this movie? Create the Fear. Create the Crisis. Create the Solution. Unplug you from the internet by government force if necessary, that’s the big nugget here, My guest today has completed an extensive investigation on the WEF’s next PSYOP and he’s sounding the alarm to you, the American people. The DOJ has unequivocally obstructed justice on the Hunter Biden investigation and we’ll show you.
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