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The Titan Submersible Disaster – Truth Thursday/The Rob Maness Show EP 207

From the company website “The missing submersible is owned by OceanGate, a company based in Washington that's become a major chronicler of the Titanic's decay. For $250,000 a person, the company promises tourists an underwater voyage to explore the remains of the Titanic from the seafloor. From St. John's in Newfoundland, Canada, explorers travel 380 miles offshore and 2.4 miles below the surface. A full trip can take eight days and include multiple dives.” By all estimates the crew and passengers of Titan have run out of useable oxygen by now so the search and rescue will transition to a search and recovery operation. Unfortunately, it appears this mishap was entirely avoidable with safety concerns being raised by employees and passengers who cancelled because of those concerns. We’ll discuss the situation with aviation experts and hear from a submarine expert today, one of thise “50 year old white guys” from military submarine service the Oceangate CEO refused to hire.

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DUTCH in Atlanta
DUTCH in Atlanta
1 year ago

This guy talks too much and doesn’t respect his guest.