Wolf Blitzer Stunned, Byron Daniels Shreds Bragg’s Case Against Trump | Sen. Kennedy Slays Biden | RVM Roundup With Chad Caton

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Today’s best:

1: Sen. Kennedy's comment on Joe Biden's approval rating will have you rolling... But when he lists off Biden's failures... 'there's never just one or two cockroaches...'

2: There's a new, based sheriff in town... Smug journo gets REKT... Gun control nutjob's heads EXPLODE in 3... 2... 1…

3: Is there anything better than watching a CNN hack taking one on the chin? CNN's Wolf Blitzer stunned into silence when Byron Daniels Shreds Alvin Bragg’s cas against Trump

4: Stormy Daniels: I'll go to jail before I pay Donald Trump a penny

5: Matt Taibbi destroyed an MSNBC hack to his face on his own show

6: The subpoenas are coming... going back 15 years

7: AOC defends insurrectionists & says the Biden Regime should ignore the courts and allow women to kill their unborn children

8: Self defense now illegal in Austin, Texas if you have the 'wrong' politics?

9: The Restrict Act not only bans Americans from using TikTok, it is a Patriot Act 2.0 for the Internet.

10: Bill Barr says Trump is a weak candidate that will lose in 2024

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