Welcome to New America, Trump Arraigned | Attorney Flips Script On Alleged Journalist Don Lemon

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Today’s best:

1: Trump attorney flips the script alleged journalist Don Lemon

2: Is NYC's Mayor Adams afraid of Marjorie Taylor Greene?

3: Secretary Mayorkas says Joe Biden doesn't want a border wall because you can't move them.

4: Democrats will still say he's fit for office and attack anyone who says otherwise as an ableist

5: Colin Kaepernick is at it again

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6: Kid Rock's response to Bud Light using a fake woman to market their beer...
If there's a better response than this, we'd like to see it

7: Almost half of the CDC workers who worked in East Palestine, Ohio are showing symptoms…

8: The Left has overplayed its hand. Even people who don't like Trump are seeing right through the BS.

9: If they're saying this on CNN, you know Alvin Bragg's case against Trump isn't very strong

10: While You Were Distracted By All This Trump Nonsense, Joe Biden Just Signed His First Veto

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