There’s no Bud Light in the Green Room, we’ll discuss one of the wildest weekends in years..

A man takes his dog to the vet for gender transition surgery. A country music star singer removes Bud Light from his lyrics. Bud Light's CEO used to work for the CIA? A Hilarious video with Alex Jones and Jack Posobiec arguing over who has the rights to My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. Piers Morgan obliterates Democrat Katie Porter on Real Time with Bill Maher over Riley Gaines. Pastor Brian Gibson Goes OFF on LGBTQ Nonsense and the Spirit of Sodom in America. James O'Keefe Confronts Dylan Mulvaney in the Women's restroom. An abandoned Russian T-90 Tank mysteriously appears at a Louisiana Casino Truck Stop. Down Goes Frazier, a Target Loss Prevention officer knocks out a Reparation sympathizer and SO MUCH MORE! Oh, and are they paying doctors to recommend the COVID Jab? You bet your ass they are, and we have the proof! An assasination attempt on the Japanese President? Washington State says the government can take kids away from parents who refuse to let them choose their genders... The Cash App founder wasn't murdered by a homeless man, he was murdered by another Tech CEO. Women are made different in Texas, you won't believe this video! Parler is NO MORE! A Moose wanders into a hospital in Alaska and starts eating plants, what a weekend!

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