Poso To Those Coming For MAGA: ‘We See You, Bring It On’ | Biden Confuses Town He’s In With Magazine

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Today’s best:

1: Tucker Almost Speechless After Jason Whitlock Calls Bullsh*t On The Left's Narratives

2: Jack Posobiec Sends A Based Message To Those Coming For MAGA: 'We See You, Bring It On'

3: Karma Comes Quick For Liberal Who Tried To Get A Jewish Trump Supporter Fired For Wearing A Red Hat

4: Joe Biden Just Confused The Town He's In With A Magazine

5: CNN Rushes In To Defend George Soros's Support Of Alvin Bragg - 'Fact Check' Reporter (Propagandist)

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6: Weaponization Of Government Exposed: You Can't Watch This & Still Think We Have Equal Justice

7: Truth Bombs Explode When Winsome Sears Lights It Up Over LGBTQ Comments On Bill Maher's Show

8: Did Bud Light Really Just Use A Bathing Genital Mutilation Enthusiast To Market Their Beer?

9: Uncle Ted Rips Barack & 'Mike' Obama, Challenges The Left To Prove 'His Conspiracy Theory' Wrong

10: Kamala Harris rebuked! Zambia's opposition calls it like he sees it.

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