EP 175 | Is Woke Culture Falling To An Explosive Demise? | The Rob Maness Show

The greatest trick the woke ever pulled was convincing American culture they existed at large. That is the first sentence in a recent article by today’s guest, who writes for We will explore that idea, that wokeness is only a tiny part of American culture that has been intentionally inflated by corporate media, government institutions and so-called social media influencers. Here’s another bit from the article: A fight for gay marriage morphed into dangerous sex changes for children. A racial reckoning morphed into blatant anti-white racism. Abusive behavior on the internet morphed into the censorship of political opinions. Considering recent events, I think we can reasonably add that woke activists peacefully protesting for these harmful ideas of progressivism appears to have morphed into an anti-Christian domestic terrorism effort to kill their opposition and impose these ideas on them through force of arms if all else fails. Bobby Burack of Outkick joins me to discuss his article “This Is What The Fall Of Woke Influence Looks Like.” Bobby, welcome to the Rob Maness Show.

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