Biden Crime Family Connected to Prostitution Rings | ATF Director Completely Embarrasses Himself

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Today’s best:

1: ATF Director completely embarrasses himself and his agency when asked to define an 'assault weapon' The F in ATF still stands for firearms, right?

2: "What is a woman?" Department of Education edition Why does this basic biology question continue to break liberal's brains?

3: The Biden Crime Family banking records now tie them to prostitution rings. Well, that's what Nancy Mace just said after reviewing over 100 suspicious activity reports.

4: Chicago is now seeing 'the change' Barack Obama brought to America.

5: A grown man gets completely triggered by a baby being a baby on a plane...

6: Mayorkas gets destroyed again…

7: Fox News's Dominion settlement almost sends MSNBC's Scarborough into a nervous breakdown
Define projection.

8: The woke bullshit that is being forced down America's throat is 100% planned and on purpose.

9: Don Lemon tells Vivek Ramaswamy he’s not allowed to disagree with him because he doesn’t have black skin.

10: This 'The View' goes full clown world, can't tell the difference between the Taliban & the Christian right.

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