Things Get Crazier By The Day Because The Powers That Be, The “Elites”, Know That We Know

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Today’s best:

1: Things get crazier by the day because the powers that be, the "Elites", know that we know. We have their playbook and they are doubling down and showing their hand.

2: Is Kamala Getting Thrown Under Her Electric School Bus? - VP Hurting The Democrat Party

3: Rogan: Without Independent Journalists, We'd Be Fu**ed - Mainstream Media Corporations Are Corrupt

4: New Medical Emergency? There’s Actually Something Called Zombie Ant Fungus

5: Two Human Turds Dropped Next To Hillary & Chelsea Clinton #PoopGate

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6: Biden: There's Going To Be A New World Order... Well, Anyway

7: MN Rep Decimates 'Gender Affirming Care' For Minors During House Hearing
Rep Mary Franson

8: "LGBTQ+ Rights... Are A Core Part Of Our Foreign Policy" - Biden Regime Spox, John Kirby

9: Xi To Putin: 'Change That Hasn't Happened In 100 Years Is Coming & We Are Driving It Together'

10: Thug Tries Scamming The Detroit Police, Chief Brings The Video Receipts To The Local News

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