KJP Won’t Rule Out Confiscating AR-15s | GOP Rep. Slams SecDef Austin, Drops Articles of Impeachment

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Today’s best:

1: GOP Rep Delivers Bad News Directly To Defense Secretary Austin's Face - Articles Of Impeachment

2: KJP Doesn't Rule Out Gun Confiscation While The IRS Has 'Weapons Of War'
If they're 'Weapons of War,' who is The IRS at war with exactly?

3: IRS Targets Journalist Testifying On Weaponization Of Govt & Biden's Treasury Sec. Has No Answer Why
What are the odds of this being just a coincidence?

4: Joe Rogan Hilariously Mocks The Mainstream Media's Ridiculous Hypocrisy

5: Lady Graham Gets Called Out To His Face On Live TV, Says He Doesn't Support A Bill He Co-Sponsored

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6: Dem Goes Gun Control Crazy In The Halls Of Congress, Thomas Massie Tries To Set Him Straight

7: Trump Blasts Mitch McConnell, Suggests The Democrats Have Something On Him

8: GRAPHIC: Pro-Life Group Received 115 Children's Bodies Headed For Incineration - Anna Paulina Luna

9: Just more proof that our government is funding #nazis in #Ukraine…

10: Transurrection: Satanic 'QAnon Shaman' Leads Cult Like Chant After Storming The Capitol In Kentucky

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