Hot Mic Catches Joe Biden Handler Giving Basic Instructions, Mayorkas Wants To Ban ‘Assault Weapons’

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Today’s best:

1: WOW! Hot Mic Catches Joe Biden Handler Giving Basic Instructions; Then We See Why He Needs Them

2: Biden's DHS Secretary Wants To Ban 'Assault Weapons' But Can't Define What They Are

3: Kamala’s Hubby Starting A New Fashion Line? Tucker Suggests A Great Name For It

4: Fauci Involved In Massive Cover-Up, Evidence Says He's Still Working For Federal Government

5: Joe Biden Cracks A Joke In Response To Question About The Trans Terrorist Nashville School Shooting

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6: Blackface Justin Trudeau Put A Banana In His Pants, Denigrated Black Men

7: They want to take away #2a for American Citizens. #NashvilleCovenantSchool is just their next narrative for that but at the same time they are handing #ukraine weapons the same way they hand @POTUS Ice Cream after a presser

8: Mayorkas Gets Grilled On CCP Members Coming Into The US; His Response Is Far Less Than Transparent

9: Co-Sponsor Of Green New Deal Completely Clueless About What Is In It
The Climate Cult is real

10: Katie Hobbs Press Secretary Resigns After Invoking Gun Violence Against 'Transphobes'

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