Fetterman Fundraising From Psych Ward, Missing 80% Of Votes | ABC Blames Shooting On Anti-Trans Law

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Today’s best:

1: Fetterman Is Fundraising From Psychiatric Ward While Missing 80%+ Of The Senate Votes

2: ABC Anchor Implies Nashville School Shooting Had To Do With Law Banning Medical Transition Of Kids

3: One Of Rand Paul's Staffers Gets Stabbed Several Times In Broad Daylight

4: Trump On Returning To Twitter - 'They Want Me Back On Desperately... We'll Talk About That...'

5: Kari Lake Engages Savage Mode On Reporter To End Showtime Interview
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6: Media Already Spinning Trans Community As Victims After Terrorist Murders Kids In Christian School

7: If you fly a Ukraine flag in your yard or have it in your bio, and you aren't from Ukraine... You are part of the damn problem

8: Biden Wants Taxpayers To Pay For Kid's Genital Mutilation Surgeries - HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra

9: Kamala Harris's New 'Innovation' Word Salad Just Dropped, Cringe Meters Redline Everywhere

10: Teacher's Union President Wants Law Abiding American Citizen's Guns Confiscated
What would you say to her about that?

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