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Why Is The U.S. Military Using Punishment Against Members Requesting Vaccine Exemptions? Rob Maness Show Ep. 159 (UNCENSORED PREMIUM)

The COVID-19 vaccine military mandate is driving commanders to inexplicably force punitive discharges against military members who have served honorably but have requested exemptions. This is just one of the reasons the USJAG organization exists.

Their vision is “for third-party oversight to be established over the entire discharge process, ensuring both policy and procedure are followed.” Stating “There are hundreds of thousands of injured active-duty service members who have been discharged from military service under less-than-honorable conditions. In addition, there are hundreds of injured active-duty military personnel at any given point of time who are facing improper separations from service. These improperly discharged service members are stripped of their benefits, honor, and dignity resulting in a heavy fiscal burden upon their states and communities.

The cascading impacts manifest in the realms of access to healthcare, housing, employment, and education, all of which represent a public relations nightmare for the VA and DoD. USJAG has worked with Congress to pass legislation to prevent such fraudulent discharges, however, the DoD continues to find ways to circumvent the laws enacted by Congress. The time for third-party oversight is now.”

My guest this week is USJAG CEO Nic Gray. His experience spans from being a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army with two tours overseas, being the founder of a venture-backed software company, and currently serving as the CEO of USJAG. Mr. Gray’s accomplishments have been recognized by ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Inc. Magazine, Stars & Stripes, PBS Newshour, Current TV, and Fast Casual, and in 2016 was named one of Colorado’s Top 25 Young Professionals by ColoradoBiz.