Fauci Roasted: The ‘Elvin, Puppy Killing Psychopath’ Pocketed $5,000,000 During ‘Pandemic’ [VIDEO]

"He won't answer the question about what kind of royalties people like him are getting from pharmaceutical companies for this vaccine they're still pushing"

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2 months ago



TRUMP and his REPUBLICAN government abandoned the whole country before the virus even hit,closing down advanced medial in China Trump and his REPUBLICAN base, by refusing to wear masks, have prolonged the pandemic and made it more deadly than it should have been. Their selfishness has made them responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP HAS CAUGHT COVID 19 VIRUS,,,,,TRUMP could not protect HIMSELF or his wife from it . What makes you THINK that he can protect YOU from it with 200,000 americans dead from it already……… REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS because that is the only health care you will get ,, right now TRUMP and his REPUBLICANS are trying to kick over 50 thousand Americans OFF THEIR HEALTHCARE INSURANCE while in the middle of a PANDEMIC….
The first thing TRUMP CANCELED was our EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM….then he LIED about it then he tried to blame OBAMA and then he lied about it some more,,,
Trump called the virus A HOAX,,,,
TRUMP said the virus would DISAPPEAR
HE overruled doctors with his wild guesses….
THE VIRUS IS COMING and we are NOT prepared for it THANKS TO TRUMP..
TRUMP should stop buying golf courses and should now INVESTING IN CEMETERY PLOT LAND, he is not going to let a good epidemic go to waste,
Saving lives is nice BUT TRUMP is talking about MAKING MONEY, think of the fortunes the HOSPITALS and the PHARMA companies will make a KILLING….
WHY spent that money it is Cheaper to let them walk around and infect more people the HOSPITALS will make a FORTUNE of this disease,,,, He dosnt care how many people die he cares about how much money he can get out of it, HE IS AN : ENTREPRENEUR NOT A PRESIDENT…
Trump understood coronavirus dangers and lied about them