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EP 134 | Roe V. Wade’s Demise: Ending The Death Culture

Beyond the obvious, that over 600,000 American baby’s lives may be saved very year, what are the other positive consequences of Roe’s demise? Over 64 million American babies have been killed by abortion since Roe was created by the Court so the changes in infrastructure needed to support future Moms and children needing alternatives to abortion, State laws, and Federal agency policy development is critical to the success we pro-life activists have always said could be achieved. The Texas for Life Coalition was the lead prolife organization that helped pass the sonogram law in Texas in 2011, HB 2 in 2013 and one of the lead organizations behind passage the trigger ban now a Texas law. This week’s guest, Kyleen Wright, has been President of (TLC) since 2001 and worked as the chief strategist and planner, lending her considerable talents as a writer, public speaker and public relations liaison to the overall efforts of the largest pro-life organization in Texas. As the mother of four men, she knows firsthand the importance of protecting and guiding our young people if our country is to remain strong in the future. She has been actively involved in fighting for the unborn for over 40 years

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