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EP 130 | Bad Idea: Defund The Police – Good Idea: Leverage Digital & Develop Effective Policing

The crazy idea and slogan to Defund The Police rose out of the chaos and violence that burned towns, cities, and communities throughout the second half 2020. Leftist activists and politicians carried the banner and eventually enacted this destructive policy in places like Minneapolis and Seattle, destroying police forces and the trust between citizens and government. These policies have spread into very large cities and metropolitan areas now, resulting in exploding crime rates, especially violent crimes. Today’s guest has a proposed solution but reminds us that “Public officials have attempted to solve these problems through investments in high-tech projects like Chicago’s ShotSpotter System or psychological programs like Newark’s feel-good Trauma Training. Policing, however, remains an inherently human problem that cannot be addressed through technology alone. Police forces are increasingly being pushed onto the defensive due to heightened public scrutiny, as they struggle to do their jobs in the new information environment. Meanwhile, community grievances go unaddressed, citizens are outraged that public funds continue to be applied toward seemingly ineffective initiatives, and communities continue to suffer. The result is a polarized society that no longer trusts the police and public officials.” We’re pleased to have the CEO of ENODO GLOBAL Inc as our special guest to discuss their approach to policing that can use technology and the digital community to improve policing and citizen’s lives in high crime areas.

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