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EP 129 | We Must Restore The Balance Of Power In Favor Of The People

There is no better place to start than at the State Legislatures. Now is the time to get liberty minded Americans in those offices and dismantle the authoritarian power structures used during the pandemic, and permanently outlawing them. Today we’re spotlighting a warrior for liberty who is making a run to return to the state legislature to do exactly that. From his website: For four years, Eric Brakey defended the freedoms and paychecks of Maine people in the state senate. Over two terms (2014-18), serving as a principled and independent voice he pulled together bipartisan coalitions to reform welfare, expand healthcare freedom, and restore constitutional liberties. When he left the Maine Senate, statists took over the state government: (1) treating the hard-earned money of the Maine people like their personal piggy banks; (2) tramping our most basic freedoms with lockdowns and mandates; (3) shredding constitutional limits on state power. Today, inflation is eating our paychecks while politicians hike taxes and sell off our Bill of Rights to the highest bidders. Parents are worried that schools no longer listen and voters are losing faith in our elections. It's no longer enough to play defense. We must restore what has been taken from us — our freedoms, our paychecks, our Constitution. This is the type of American we need serving to protect our liberty and prosperity.

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