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EP 127 | Why Is A Republican Risking a Senate Seat in Missouri?

Having run for the U.S. Senate, that is a daunting question for Republicans in Missouri. Each GOP candidate needs to be asking themselves if their presence in the race is causing the seat to be at risk? The intra-party primary fight is often about establishment versus outsider candidates and the usual barbs thrown at the outsiders are, you have to get out, your causing x, y, or z effect. In this case putting the seat at risk. Believe me, I’ve been told to get out of a race publicly by the biggest of names in GOP politics, so I understand where a particular candidate who is being called out is intellectually. But I’ve never been called out for family or character issues that were documented facts and that’s why I wanted to get our guest to come on the show this week. A recent article of his in starts out like this: “Politicians are fungible – in almost every instance, one candidate is essentially replaceable by another – and this is why we must be utterly unsentimental about them. They owe us loyalty, and they have a fiduciary duty to us to win or to get out of the way in favor of someone who can. And this is why Eric Greitens, aka Kinky Todd Akin, needs to drop out of the race for the Missouri Senate seat. Greitens is the ex-Democrat who changed into a Republican to become Missouri governor, a post he quit in disgrace one step ahead of impeachment by a GOP supermajority.” So lets get this discussion started. Noted author, retired Army Colonel, and all around “caring” person,
Kurt Schlichter, welcome back to the Rob Maness Show!

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