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EP 120 | Actual Evidence Shows the Capitol and DC Metro Police Killed 5 Americans on 1/6

Today’s guest January 27 2022 substack begins like this: Over a year has passed since January 6th, 2021, or as MSM would call it the “Deadly Insurrection”, took place at the United States Capitol. Up until now, the most important but confusing questions have been:
• Who killed who?
• How did it happen
• Why did it happen?
We have the answers, and our team has accumulated thousands of hours in forensic video analysis to back it up. The general public has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency and fake investigations. The January 6th committee has proven themselves to be completely inept in revealing the truth. As a remedy for this, a team of Independent Journalists, Tayler Hansen, David Sumrall, and others have finally cracked the code behind what truly took place on January 6th, 2021. Be sure to have a trashcan handy before reading, as the truth behind January 6th will make you sick to your stomach. They chronicle the truth with facts and video documentation despite the fact the government will not release the 14,000 hours of available video. The fact, 5 Americans died due to improper policing that day, and
Tayler Hansen is here to talk with us for the next hour about it. You may recall Tayler came on the show last year because he was within a few feet of Ashli Babbitt when she was murdered by the capitol police, and we wanted to get the known facts out at the time. Tayler, welcome back to the Rob Maness Show!

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