The Rob Maness Show

EP 119 | What Are You Doing To Bring The Truth To The American People?

I’ll tell you what the main stream media is doing, absolutely nothing. We have to rely on ourselves to create outlets, like The Rob Maness Show, to get the truth out instead of letting the American people be completely brainwashed by the regime media propaganda. My guest this week was an early creator of a media outlet designed to get the truth out and we are proud to have him on. Of course, the people who refuse to believe the truth are always attacking and trolling creators like our guest. One asked him this on social media the other day: What are you doing to fight the leftists? What have you done? His response was epoch: Investigated the still unsolved murder of Seth Rich and was sued into the Stone Age for it... Investigated the Las Vegas Shooting and spent months in Vegas working on that cover up.. Broke the doors off the Kavanaugh hearing when our team uncovered it was his Mom that was the Judge that resided over Christine Blasey Ford's parents bankruptcy and foreclosure cases … My team Broke that Eric Ciarimella was the Whistleblower on the phone calls.. Traveled to nearly all 50 states trying to save the 2020 elections… And that response is why I asked him to come on the show. This man is an honest and straightforward American who loves his country and he is the publisher of, in addition to hosting the Matt Couch Show and the thousand other things he has his hands in. My friend Matt Couch, welcome to the Rob Maness Show!

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