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Kyle Rittenhouse Should Be Acquitted Now

I have watched the entire trial and the evidence is obvious that my statement is true now, which should lead a quick unanimous acquittal. But will that happen? We really don’t know. The prosecution in this case intentionally played fast and loose with the facts and the law in this case, resulting in two of the seven charges against Rittenhouse to be dismissed by the judge before he gave instructions to the jury. The illegal possession of a gun and curfew violation charges were dropped. And they should never have been brought, as any observer could see when reading the law and applying it to the specific circumstances of the case.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Yes end this mistrial day 1

1 year ago

I agree that he should be acquitted now. The self defense was clearly proven, even had video of all the action. Media are trying to have him convicted, calling the incident racist, but all were white! All those attacking this boy, were felons and adults. Had politicians allowed the police to do their jobs, this boy would not felt that he had to protect himself. He went to help, yet when he tried to put out the fires that these thugs tried to start, they became angry and went after him, while the police sat, under orders of the politicians, IMO.