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Single Issue Bills & Term Limits Would Drastically Help America | Antonio Sabato Jr. Guests | Ep 276

Joe Biden and the White House surprised Kamala Harris with a fake, cringeworthy birthday surprise, Kam-Kam and her husband kissed with masks on and Drew discusses how huge single issue bills and term limits would be for repairing our republic. Plus, actor, producer and star of the new film God's Not Dead: We the People Antonio Sabato Jr. drops by the discuss his new film and pushing back against Hollywood and anti-American culture.

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1 year ago

Both of those items would go a long way towards honesty in government. No more hiding garbage in a 10,000 page piece of legislation that goes from items on the bottom of the ocean to the moon and that nobody reads or can read. No more life-time jobs for politicians who couldn’t make it in any other occupation beside slinging BS, sure you may lose a few good ones but overall it would be a plus as you would cut the 80% that are dead wood or a detriment or just corrupt. Either they clean themselves up or the voters will have to do it for them. I am guessing the later, if WE can get our act together.

1 year ago

Single issue bills and term limits? Holy crap Batman it’s just too simple.