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Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki Break Law With Political Statements, Joe Biden Rages In Speech | Ep 272

Kamala Harris pre-recorded a video that supports Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and illegally aired in at least 300 churches throughout Virginia. The video breaks IRS law, but is expected to continue to be played at services up until the election in early November. Jen Psaki likewise appears to have broken the Hatch Act by supporting McAuliffe from the podium, she later apologized. Then Joe Biden slammed his fists and raged during a speech this weekend in yet another awkward scene and Dr. Fauci weighed in again on the holidays.

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Fred LeMaster
Fred LeMaster
1 year ago

One of the ?Females? = Mrs. Veeeeep Harris has broken a quite a few parts of the US Constitution, Examples = Illegal Immigration, Stealing We The Legal Peoples Of The USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars, Then Illegally Giving It Away To Those Illegal Aliens, Then Giving Some More To That Crack Job Of A Doctor Fauci In Experimenting On Beautiful And Defenseless Beagle Puppies And Research Against Us Human Beings = The Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic, But Twice, 1st She Illegally Used a certain sector of The Christian Religion = Churches, To Do Her Cheer Leading For The Very Same Political Equation As Hers, And Another Time During A Press Conference and before #45 was out of His US Presidency, she was Illegally Colluding With The USA’s Enemy Country Of Iran = Officials, Just Like Mr. Ex-US SOS Kerry at the very beginning of #45’s US Presidency was colluding with the very same Enemy Country Of Iran’s = Officials, but the 2nd female only did it only 1 time, during 1 of her Press Conferences! It Has To Be ILLEGAL For All US Political Equation’s To Break Any Part Of The US Constitution = ({[“‘3′”]}), When The Offense Concerns Any And All Of The USA’s ENEMIES! It Has To Mean Curtains = Prison Time!!!!!!