The Rob Maness Show

Ep 90 | America First Republicans: Winning in 2022 and Beyond

Now that we know for sure President Trump is not creating a new party with his base, it is time to take the GOP party apparatus with America First Republicans. Every day I get this question: what can we do to ensure we a party that enacts and protects America First policies? After all, that’s what President Trump and his administration were really about, prioritizing us, the American people, over the interests of the rest of the world. The first thing we need to do is encourage Trump supporters who left the Republican party for various reasons to return right away. That is easy and you can do it today. Next, I need you to listen to the show today. The presidents speech at CPAC also was full of policy proposals and an appeal to get election integrity bills passed. Senator Ted Harvey, Chairman of the committee to defeat the president, joins us to discuss the details. Ted, welcome back to the Rob Maness Show!

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