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Ep 87 | MAGA Domestic Terrorist Mobs or ANTIFA and BLM Domestic Terrorists?

Today is the day the fake news media types like CNN’s Fake Jake Tapper, have been waiting for! The impeachment show trial of President Donald J. Trump begins. But, its not really Trump who is on trial it is you and me, the Americans who support Mr. Trump and most importantly, America First policies instead of the America Last policies we watch being implemented by what President Joe Biden has referred to as a dictatorship, more executive orders than any president in modern history. Killing thousands of American jobs and hurting Americans in the middle of a pandemic whose effects have been primarily caused by the united states government. But they don’t want you to be aware of that and want to focus on you and me, America Firsters, as domestic terrorists because we refuse to believe the 2020 presidential election wasn’t stolen by Biden, in spite of the facts we’ve seen of literally thousands of irregularities. Yep. CNN’s Tapper actually said we are domestic terrorists because of what we believe. Well the country is in a real and actual crisis, with the capitol still occupied by 25,000 troops and those who live there are still under siege from BLM and ANTIFA as recently as last night, but the focus is on preventing us America Firsters from attacking the capitol. But who did plan the January 6th attack? The planners who built and planted the pipe bombs at both the DNC and RNC headquarters buildings have yet to be caught an identified, many of the arrests have resulted in no serious charges and will likely be defeated in court based on first amendment right to protest grounds, and the word is, even the police officer who died supposedly of a head injury from a fire extinguisher, didn’t in fact die from a head injury. In fact the only agitator identified clearly so far is John Earl Sullivan, a BLM/ANTIFA sympathizer and confirmed violent actor in other protests. So why are politicians like Liz Cheney still saying they weren’t involved and placing all responsibility on mostly peaceful MAGA rally goers? That is the crisis our country is in my friends and most of my former military colleagues are very concerned to the point where we are wondering if the nation can survive. That is why tody’s guest, retired Army COLONEL Kurt Schlichter has agreed to come on and discuss these issues with me, and his latest book, CRISIS, which presciently dives into the details of a fictional national crisis that is eerily similar to what is actually happening today. Kurt, welcome back to the Rob Maness Show!

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