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The American system was built upon the values laid down in the Declaration of Independence – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

As Hayek writes, the original socialists (like those in the US) were horrified by the violence wrought by the “national” socialists leading up to World War II. Louis F. Budenz concludes his book, The Techniques of Communism, by claiming that a belief in God is the best antidote for Communism. This actually pinpoints a key to the decoder ring. That is, look at how the speaker/writer respects the Bill of Rights. If the thrust of the message is to restrict your speech, right to assemble, right to worship, and right to defense, the speaker/writer is a Marxist. Suppressing individual rights is a goal of Marxism. It is not a goal of either progressivism or socialism – but it can be a byproduct. Another telltale is whether the scale of any social reform being agitated is equitable to the agitation being made. There is always room for enlightened discussion to improve the cohesion within society. Violence and force will disrupt cohesion and are hallmarks of Marxism. My guest today is author of The Road to Americanism Dennis Haugh, a professor, computer scientist, and Air Force veteran who has studied communism and served in 6th cold war to defeat the Russian version.

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