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Ep 78 | Democrats: Violence, Destroying American Institutions, Vote for Us or Else!

2020 has become the year that everyone just wants to go away, or disappear into history as quickly as possible. It's been one hell of a year so far and with the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the flames of strife just got a lot hotter. The leftists in America are already targeting threats and protests on the Senate Majority Leader’s home and family, as well as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee. The Senate minority leader is threatening to finish the destruction of the Senate as an institution begun by their party under Harry Reid, and the Speaker of the House is threatening impeachment of the president and the attorney general. All of this because President Trump has dared to nominate a new justice to replace Ginsburg and Senator leaders have affirmed they will confirm the nominee. All of these actions are constitutionally correct and expected by this of us that voted for the president and to increase the majority in the Senate in 2016 and 2018. We demand they fill the seat and we really aren’t concerned with the swamp and what it thinks. We also don’t really care what the swamp thinks about the COVID-19 response. We have our concerns about the lingering lock downs under democrat governors and mask mandates and think they should be gone as soon as possible. As a matter oof fact if any objective observer takes look at Sweden and does a normalized comparison to lockdown countries like ours, the lockdowns may have been effective to buy us time until we built up our medical care capability, but they’re causing more harm than good at this point. It is time to end them. These stories and more are covered in detail on independent media outlets and today we have as our guest the editor in chief of one of these outlets, the NOQ report, and co-founder of the American Conservative Movement JD Rucker.

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