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Acting Secretary of the Navy Resigns!

I know a lot of veterans, including myself, who’ve given much thought to this thing with the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, it’s now fired Commander, the acting Secretary of the Navy, and the resulting media aftermath that now has the acting Navy Secretary apologizing for telling his crew the guy was either too “naïve or stupid” to command an aircraft carrier and resigning, plus President Trump publicly musing that he may “get involved” because he doesn’t want to see the guy’s career destroyed. A lot of folk’s initial takes tend to go something like one of these paths: First: The acting Navy Secretary was right to fire this guy because he leaked his letter to the press and sent it to 20 people instead of his chain of command! Second: What the heck is a Washington DC bureaucrat doing firing a Commander who is on the ground on the other side of the world trying to take care of his 5000 crewmembers in a pandemic. Or third, it is possible that both Captain Crozier and the Navy made the right moves by writing (and leaking) the letter, and by firing him for it, respectively. Finally, a lot of folks seem to be overlaying politics into this and some opinions seem to be breaking along party lines. That needs to stop immediately. Acting Secretary Modly is a Trump appointee, but I would expect nothing less from any appointee in the Obama or other administrations. As others have pointed out, senior commanders have been relieved for far less. The military is apolitical by design. We must keep it that way and insist that others do, as well.My guest today is One America News Network’s Jack Posobeic, Navy veteran, China expert, and former intelligence officer. Jack was one of the first to break the story on social media and has been following it closely.

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