Tag: #What Happened

  • Poli

Hillary Clinton Goes to Wisconsin, Finally

More than a year after she ignored the state during her presidential campaign, 2016 Democratic…

  • Poli

What Happened? A Dossier, for Starters

What happened? Hillary Clinton wants you to know what happened. But she isn't telling you…

  • Pop

You Won’t Believe What Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Told Hillary Clinton

The late-night show format is dead. Instead of laughs and interesting content that reach across…

  • Poli

Hillary Forever: Book Tour Reaffirms ‘Not Going Anywhere’ Pledge

"I'm not going anywhere," Hillary Clinton said recently. Some saw it as a threat. But…

  • Poli

Amazon Accused of Slashing Over 900 Negative Reviews of Hillary’s Book

Amazon is batting down claims that it deleted hundreds of one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's…

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