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  • Pop

Megyn Kelly Embarrasses Herself and Endorses Fat-Shaming

Megyn Kelly, during an interview on Thursday with "Fit Mom" Maria Kang on her NBC show,…

  • Health

Weight Loss Journey Doesn’t Have to Lead to Dead Ends

I've lost 22 pounds over the past five months, but the excruciating details of how…

  • Health

Kidney Cancer: Signs You Might Have Missed

Did you know you can live with only one kidney? It's true, but that doesn't…

  • Health

Five Early Signs of Lung Cancer You Should Never Ignore

You might dismiss lung cancer because you don't smoke or because you live in a…

  • Health

The ‘Tough Mudder’ Was Not Too Tough for Her

Terry Reuer thinks that determination is the key to success. Reuer made headlines earlier this week after…

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