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  • Faith

Trump: ‘May God Be with the People of Sutherland Springs, Texas’

Up to 27 people are feared dead in Texas after a gunman opened fire at…

  • Health

To Address the Opioid Crisis, New and Innovative Proposals

Ohio Gov. John Kasich's call for scientific breakthroughs to fight the opioid epidemic has organizations…

  • Pop

15 Products Still Made in the USA

What does "Made in the USA" even mean these days? If you want to buy…

  • Faith

The Key Issue Evangelicals Believe Will ‘Make America Great Again’

Religious freedom is a bigger issue in America today than some realize. In recent years,…

  • Faith

On the Fourth, Remember Our Moral Freedoms, Too

"If it feels good, do it." Why? Does that always lead to happiness? St. John…

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