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Trump’s Plan Is to Use U.S. Economy, Strength to Achieve Peace and Security

President Donald Trump will unveil his National Security Strategy on Monday, a policy that will…

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Trump on Trade: ‘Fairness’ and ‘Reciprocity’ Are a Stern Warning to Cheaters

President Donald Trump touted his 13-day trip to Asia, but decided against making major announcements…

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Trump Calls Out Asia Rep for Laughing at U.S. on Trade

President Donald Trump broke from his speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Vietnam…

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U.S. Trade Rep: We’ll Use Every Tool to Get American Workers a Fair Shake

As President Donald Trump headed to Asia for a 13-day trip, his trade representative said…

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Opinion: Pull U.S. Troops Out of South Korea

President Donald Trump's departure Friday on a 12-day trip to Asia will doubtless prompt a…

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