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Five Facts You Likely Never Knew About ‘Baywatch’

There was nothing quite like "Baywatch" on television when it first debuted in 1989. Everybody…

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On ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ Guess How Much This Painting Was Worth?

For the past two decades, "Antiques Roadshow" on PBS has traveled around the United States,…

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Five Facts You Likely Never Knew About ‘Rawhide’

They may not be common today, but westerns were once a television staple. Black-and-white cowboy…

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The 2018 TV Shows That Should Be on Our Radar

A lot of great content is headed for the small screen, a place where original…

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Way Too Long and Not Funny at All

An hour-and-a-half. That's the length of every episode of "Saturday Night Live." For perspective, that's…

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