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Rosie O’Donnell Spent Christmas Insulting Conservatives

While most people were spending their Christmas honoring the birth of Jesus and enjoying the…

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Rosie O’Donnell Tried Bribing Senators to Vote Against Tax Bill

It's hard to believe Rosie O'Donnell was once considered a comedian. She's been so consumed…

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Susan Collins: ‘We Need to Accept That Donald Trump Is Our President’

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine urged the country "to accept that Donald Trump is…

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Sad Fact for GOP: A Senate Majority in Name Only

The House of Representatives has sent bill after bill to die in the Senate. The…

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Rand’s Message of Hope as Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal Effort Fades

The fate of the latest legislative repeal of Obamacare seems likely to fail in the…

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