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GOP Governor Sides with Democrats for Second Time in One Month

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) bucked his party's conservative base for the second time in…

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Trump on Taxes: It’s Time to ‘Heal This Self-Inflicted Economic Wound’

President Donald Trump urged congressional Republicans and Democrats to come together to pass tax reform…

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Tom Brokaw: Trump Wants to ‘Destroy the Prevailing Culture in This Country’

NBC News' Tom Brokaw claimed that President Donald Trump, and "some people on the right,"…

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Historian: GOP Wins Because of ‘Backlash Against’ D.C. Establishment

Military historian and political columnist Victor Davis Hanson said during an interview Tuesday on "The…

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How the GOP Could Yank Party Endorsement from Never-Trump Senator

The Republican Party could dispense harsh discipline against GOP senators who deride or undermine President Donald…

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