Tag: Political Correctness

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PC Madness: Student Investigated for Mocking ‘Barbarian’ Terrorists

A law student at the prestigious University of Edinburgh in Scotland has been put under…

  • Poli

Trump’s Trip to London Uncertain, According to Report

President Donald Trump is considering canceling his planned state visit to the United Kingdom, according…

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Media Complain ‘March Against Sharia’ Is Anti-Muslim

According to the mainstream media, the "March Against Sharia" that took place in more than…

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British PM Snubs Khan Request to Cancel Presidential Visit

Prime Minister Theresa May refused to acquiesce to a request from the mayor of London…

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Trump Hammers ‘Slow and Political’ Courts on Travel Ban

President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of tweets Monday over┬áthe uncertain fate of his travel-ban…

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