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Beloved Country Legend Just Won Two Guinness World Records

Dolly Parton, the winner of countless awards over a career that spans decades, can now…

  • Pop

Patti LaBelle on Her Diabetes: ‘I Changed My Way of Living’

Patti LaBelle had a tough wake-up call when she found out she had diabetes more…

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This Musician Is Working Hard to Help Chicago Youth

Violent crime in the United States increased in 2016, according to a new FBI report,…

  • Pop

Stevie Wonder Tries ‘Taking a Knee for America’

The Global Citizen Festival was a night that gathered together artists and citizens purportedly to…

  • Faith

Pat Boone: Biggest Worry Is ‘If America Ceases to Be a Nation Under God’

Throughout the history of show business, many people come and go. They sing a song…

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