Tag: meditation

  • Faith

The Power of Prayerful Readings, Even at the Beach

With my toes in the sand and the sun shining above, I sat on a…

  • Health

Why the Goat Yoga Craze Is Sweeping America

The practice of yoga is nothing new to the millions of people who lead active…

  • Health

Most Unconventional Fix Ever for Depression

For most of his life, 50-year-old Jim Goldfuss of Westbury, New York, has struggled with…

  • Mom

Why We Must Be Peaceful Parents

Parenting is not easy. It’s so hard that I once considered purchasing the domain name…

  • Health

‘To Cope with This Horror Show, I’ve Been Seeing a Therapist’

Not everyone has dealt well with election season. One gentleman from California told LifeZette he's…

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