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  • Pop

How Nicolas Cage Put Anti-Trump Celebrities to Shame

While a mixed bag of celebrities took to the Emmy Awards stage to bash President…

  • Faith

After Harvey Criticism, Joel Osteen Opens Church for This Reason

L'Shanah Tovah, y'all. Joel and Victoria Osteen, leaders of Houston's Lakewood Church, are offering that…

  • Faith

Hurricane Victims Are Getting Free Abortions from This Group

Whole Woman's Health, a reproductive health care organization, in collaboration with other groups is offering…

  • Mom

In National Catastrophes, Service to Others Is Unending

How apropos that this country recently celebrated National Day of Encouragement — the day after…

  • Pop

The Emmys Will Be Political. That We Know. But How Political?

The hiring of Stephen Colbert as host of the 2017 Emmy Awards broadcast all but…

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